Jus Capital

As a CVM-regulated asset management firm, our business focuses on investment and management of judicial receivables.

As an innovative financial market firm, we stand as leaders in this new segment, due to our distinct business approach. We strive to understand the needs of people and companies who do business with us, while harnessing our creativity and perseverance to accommodate their needs. Adding value for our partners. Being trustworthy and guided by the right principles. Working pro-actively and focusing on the best outcomes for ourselves and those who do business with us. We have much more than money to offer. Capital may be a common asset, but our services are not. The asset we provide is rare: tireless commitment to fairness, guided by an ethical conduct grounded not only on deep technical knowledge, but above all, on reliability, loyalty and transparency. This is the only way we do business.


In 2006, we founded Jus Finance (precursor of Jus Capital) to break new ground in the segment. Its mission was to create business opportunities from the gaps between legal and financial issues. Jus Finance’s initial purpose was to identify, analyze, and structure transactions involving judicial receivables. The firm’s partners had extensive experience in both litigation and asset management, so the company quickly built a solid track record of over R$ 500 million worth of concluded transactions.

In 2009, already as Gávea Jus, a partnership between Gávea Investimentos and Jus Finance, we started investing our own discretionary capital, which allowed us to develop our business and structure new types of transactions, thus honing the best practices Since 2015, we have been operating as Jus Capital and working independently, carrying the experience gained from 10 years of judicial receivables management, with more than R$ 6 billion invested in almost 100 assets. Above all, Jus Capital’s most important achievement is to have well attended many satisfied investors and business partners. Our aim is to continue doing business fairly.

Our values

Fairness in our everyday practices.

Our firm’s name’s root is “jus”, to clearly demonstrate our commitment to justice and its innumerous meanings.

This Latin prefix refers to justice and the law, but also means working ethically and fairly, based on merit.

One word with two meanings that perfectly defines our firm and its principles: our management practice is always governed by our philosophy of fair play and honesty.

Ethics, Transparency and Integrity.

We conduct business ethically, transparently, and fairly, because we cannot do otherwise and we believe it is the only path to sustained success.

We seek to maximize return on investment through hard work leveraged by a track record of good practices that attracts new business opportunities.

We believe integrity and a thorough approach ensure our reputation. We wish that everyone who builds a relationship as our partner knows exactly what to expect: commitment, transparency, and honesty.

Our firm does not neglect the human side of business.

Investing in judicial receivables is somewhat different from other lines of asset management. We cannot avoid being involved in the personal issues experienced by our partners. Understanding and accommodating them is not a problem, but part of our work.

Also, we internally encourage warm and supportive relationships in a positive and healthy workplace. There is no room for being impersonal or aloof in our everyday conduct with colleagues, business partners and investors.

Jus Family

Our team defines the firm’s image. We kindly name ourselves “Jus Family”:

Luiz Felipe Coutinho Dias de Souza
Founding partner and CIO.

Cristiane Ferreira
Partner and CFO.

Daniel Vidal Barbosa Pinto

Grazielle Tavares
Senior Associate.

Lucas Pacheco
Senior Associate.

Amanda Moreira
Accounting Analyst.

Charyelle Castagnaro

Bhianca Abadia Sampaio

Business partners

Who should do business with us?

If you or your company is involved in litigation, the case has probably been going on for quite a while. You or your company (or even your client, if you are the case’s attorney) cannot wait to obtain the amount claimed – or would rather get part of it now, particularly if this may reinforce the team in charge of your interests.

This is where Jus Capital comes in.

There are basically two ways of managing judicial receivables:

Standard Solution: Also known as direct purchase or sale. In this case, having examined your case, we will draft a realistic financial proposal. You or your company will obtain the amount involved less a certain discount and we will take over the risk of the legal claim from then onwards.

Partnership or Structured Transaction Solution: This business model comprises a transaction with both immediate cash and shared rights to the judicial receivables. This is the approach we use for most cases. We become partners in the pursuit of a solution for the legal claim, by immediately allocating a certain amount of capital to the client and engaging a highly qualified team to work on your case together with your own lawyers. When this partnership is successful, we will share the results fairly, as agreed with you beforehand.

We are aware that the amount of capital immediately available will weigh in your decision. But there are several other factors you should be taken into account when choosing a business partner:

Successful track record.

Your decision will mean working together with our firm. We encourage you to research our partners, our professional background and our role in the legal claims we invest in.

Our team knows what to do and has a reputation to be upheld. All of our know-how is harnessed to advance our partnership with clients. Clients know what they will be getting.

Door always open.

Whenever you call us, you will be talking to partners and negotiating with the decision makers, since we have the discretion and agility needed to allocate our capital. We will have the same people on your side until our mutual endeavor is successful.

Our services are bespoke, and we do not use boilerplate contracts that lead to impersonal relationships. We always strive to understand clients’ needs, whether personal, legacy-oriented, corporate, tax-related, legal or even financial. Capital may be found quite readily, but partners who will fight for your success may certainly not.

We have pioneered this type of business with a huge number of successful transactions, having gone the extra mile to devise a wide range of creative structures, so clients can rest assured that our proposals will be realistic, feasible and fruitful.

We are always ready to find the most suitable transaction for each client. This is what we enjoy doing and what we do best. This approach will bring us much more business in the future.

Committed to getting results from a thorough approach to business.

We do not draft unrealistic opinions. Our views are always based on detailed in-depth analysis, which is a very important aspect of business in this segment.

Our thorough approach means drafting serious opinions for business areas in which we have expertise. We do not make irresponsible proposals to further see whether they “work”. When we say something, we know what is hanging on our words.

Our initiatives are secure because we thoroughly analyze every aspect of each case. We know what to look for and where to find it – and our agile delivery reflects the maturity of our team. Assessing every possible aspect and weighing the best strategies for litigation going forward has ensured the best outcomes.
We respect and recognize the experience and worth of professionals previously engaged in litigation.

We speak their language and understand their concerns and needs. Our aim will always be to join forces with them. We take pride in having succeeded in doing so.


Rua Amauri, nº 255, 8º andar
CEP: 01448-000
Tel.: 55 11 2050-9360


Pedro Lorena Campos

Partner and COO.

Engineer with 22-year experience in the financial market in Brazil and New York, most recently as Morgan Stanley head of fixed income products. Civil Engineering degree from Escola Politécnica (USP) and MBA from NYU Stern School of Business.


Cristiane Ferreira

Partner and CFO.

Bachelor degree in Administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas – FGV. Over 13 years’ experience as controller, spent on financial institutions and investment funds such as GP Investimentos and Santander Bank.


Daniel Vidal Barbosa Pinto


Attorney with a 8-year experience in litigation against the Government. Holds a law degree from PUC-SP. Former employee at Dias de Souza Associates and Stocche Forbes.


Grazielle Tavares

Senior Associate.

Attorney. 19-year career of which ten were spent as associate of Dias de Souza Associates. Degree from PUC-SP and postgraduate International Tax Law qualification from the Brazilian Institute of Tax Law, and Entertainment Law from ESA-OAB.


Lucas Pacheco

Senior Associate.

Holds an Eletronic Engineering degree from Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica – ITA, former trainee at Morgan Stanley’s fixed income trading desk.


Amanda Moreira

Accounting Analyst.

Currently undertaking an Accounting degree from Fundação Escola de Comércio Álvares Penteado – FECAP, former trainee at XP Investimentos.


Charyelle Castagnaro


Attorney, holds a postgraduate degree in Corporate Law from Insper, former employee at Cescon Barrieu Advogados and Azevedo Sette Advogados' M&A team.


Bhianca Abadia Sampaio


Attorney with Law degree from Mackenzie University, former employee at Pereira Neto Macedo Advogados.